For over 30 years Thomas Bachelder has written hundreds of songs, often recording them alone
in his tiny home studio. But these songs have remained largely unheard, except by a small circle of friends. On November 24 2008, Montreal’s Lion d’Or club was the setting as a stunning lineup of talented musicians and singers brought 14 of Thomas’ original tunes to life, for a large and highly enthusiastic audience.

The night was pure magic…


“Thank you all for one of the most uplifting evenings of my life. The vibrations were fantastic – you could feel the audience (and the performers) soar…”

“… a truly memorable evening!”

“I’ve never seen a crowd of people with so many smiles on their faces…”

“Tom was floating about 2 feet off the ground (which would make him about 8′-7″)…”

“Some of the songs really got to us. Great words, tunes and arrangements and the musicians and vocalists were top-notch.”

“… you picked the perfect artist for each song!”

“It was great to see all the old faces (looking surprisingly young)”

“I especially loved Karen Young, Sandra Luciantonio, and the Stephen Barry/ Andrew Cowan patter!”

“It was truly fun and well organized. I still have shivers from the song Karen Young interpreted beautifully… time seemed to slow. What great talent Thomas has as a writer amongst many other things.”

“I have my favorites: Moonlight on my mind, Her Blue Period and of course Leaving Elizabethtown!”

“My favorites were ‘Rome is Burning’, ‘Blue Roses’, ‘Elizabethtown’ and ‘Simple’ as well as ‘Ten Shades of Blue’.”

“That Angelique can really sing! I think ‘Simple’ could be a huge hit!”

“I have always loved ‘Blue Roses’ and hearing it done in Spanish was a great twist! Alfredo Sosa brought authenticity and his own flair to it. Lovely!

“I really enjoyed the music and the overall good feeling in the room.”

“What a great venue – this nostalgic hall was perfect.”

“I loved the alternating of young talents with the more established ones. Angelique Duruisseau, Lee Mellor, and Benjamin Brochu were, as you said, real discoveries. May they get the recognition they deserve!”

“GREAT fun!”

“What a treat to sing with such a great band!”

“Did you ever imagine in your wildest dreams that the evening would be so perfect? The stars were aligned…”

“Thank you for including me in this amazing, truly special night.”

“Seeing Dana up there made us all proud. Another talented Burns!”

“I woke up this morning singing ‘I’m leaving Elizabethtown’. Your show and Tom’s music seems to have left quite an impression.”

“So rich an experience, never to be forgotten.”